How to Make Your Guests Excited to Register for Your Event

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Events have caught on as a big way of getting people together in an environment which makes it easy for you to get the message across. The atmosphere, the location, the ambience and of course, your own presentation makes a powerful marketing combination. But each of these makes a difference when your guests actually come to attend your event. The key hurdle is, how to get them interested to register for your event in the first place? This is where online event registration comes into play.

Event Organization Matters to Attendees

The registration process for your event really needs to be thought of as having an impact on your target audience and not just another boring back-office process. The form which you provide for registration has to be beautifully designed to capture the attention of guests. Online audiences typically have a very short attention span, and the more attractive your form is to them, the more likely it is that they will talk about your event with others, which potentially means even more guests!

A well-designed form which works on all devices goes a long way in making attendees feel that some thought has been given to how the event is going to be organized. It speaks about the amount of planning involved and brings with it a sense of assurance stating that this event was not suddenly put together at the last minute. Maybe you already have a logo for your event, or a predefined color scheme to suit the themeof the event. All that can be integrated very well to give your form a very personalized look and feel.

Do More than Just Forms

Forms, questionnaires and surveys. When your attendees hear each of these terms, they are likely to form a mental image of something boring and lengthy, involving a unidirectional flow of information, which sounds more like a speech than an interview held over a fireside chat. But your form doesn’t need to be so stiff and formal. You can design forms so that answering the questions seems more like a two-way dialog, where attendees are focused on answering questions one at a time, taking things as they come.

Maybe you are holding a paid event, where you need to collect payments from attendees. Believe it or not, this too can be done in your form itself. Not only can you process credit card payments online, but you can also generate receipts for the same and send them out to attendees, so that attendees are immediately assured that the time they took in typing out all of the information didn’t gowaste. This takes the interactive nature of the form to a whole new level, which is not expected in most registration forms.