Buffet for wedding – Stunning dinner ideas

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Wedding is one of the important part in our life. Of course, the roles and responsibilities is high at the time of wedding. We have to handle certain things on their own before the marriage. The wedding card is the most important and you can order wedding cards online easily nowadays.

Preparing a checklist and determining who will be in charge of what, will help you stay organized and celebrate your start of together. Food is so important for your marriage and it plays a vital role in your wedding. There are so many elements that come into play at the time of wedding – dress, music, party, photographers. But the visitors will care more for food. The food speaks about your grand wedding. Many people will prefer vegetarian food because of allergies and some of them will expect non-vegetarian too.

The celebration of wedding will differ among each religion. Similarly, the preparation of food will also vary as per religion. Example the Muslims will go for only non-vegetarian and the Christians, Hindus will prefer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian that depends on budget.

Many of them will prepare grand buffet for their wedding also they provide more food items in green leaf as per culture. Nowadays the caters will take care of entire order and they provide extraordinary food for the visitor on the wedding evening. They also arrange a grand cocktail parties that depends on your budget.

Apart from food they also provide snacks stall, sweets stalls, ice-cream counters and more for the wedding to impress the visitors. Stay focus on searching the right caters on your wedding day. Many of them will spend their money lavishly on wedding evening for foods. Some of them are even waste their food at the time of marriage. Track the visitor’s count and order properly then provide the food and make your guests feel totally at home with easy-to-eat appetizers or fun late-night snacks for the after-party.

The most memorable part of your wedding is the food and the taste and smell can leave a last impression. Try to serve some special items apart from the South Indian dishes. Many of them are following the routine breakfast dosa, poori, vada and for lunch they will provide rice with sambar, rasam and curd.

Go for some creative menus and impress your friends, relatives with these items. Instead of typical sweets go for homemade biscuits. Add some honey with the homemade biscuits and make the day more special on your wedding. You may also go for cheese burgers. Most of them will like burgers, sandwiches and they feel light too. Prepare the tiny cheese burgers and damn sure that your friends and family will never stop talking about wedding foods.

Prepare a soft, creamy ice-cream cones instead of cups so that the children will love and they will get some benefits too. The French fries with ketchup is the most popular and trending snacks and the people will love it. The dipping sauce is right at the bottom and the glass makes it easy to carry around so your guests won’t get French fry oil all over their hands.