Picking Out an Engagement Ring

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An engagement is a celebration. Two people announce to the world that they intend to marry. Many couples choose to make their intentions clear to the rest of the world with an engagement ring. The ring is a symbol of the promise they have made to each other to remain together as long as they both live. When shopping for engagement rings, it helps to keep certain things in mind before you begin. Careful attention to detail and an understanding of the materials used in rings can really help make the process far easier.
The Type of Metal

Shoppers will find that many stores offer an engagement ring in many types of metal. Popular choices include silver and platinum. Gold is another highly used metal for these types of rings as it is works well with many kinds of other jewelry. Couples can pick from varied shades of gold such as yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. Each shade indicates that it is made with in combination with another metal. For example, rose gold is gold that has been alloyed with copper or silver, giving it a distinctly soft rosy glow.Pick and order the right ring from Shoppers Stop.

The Use of Stones

Many couples have a specific stone in mind for the engagement ring they want. Diamonds are one of the most popular stone choices today. However, other couples may opt for other kinds of stones that have personal meaning for them. Pearls were popular for many decades and continue to be seen today. Some couples want a colored stone such as a ruby, emerald or sapphire. A man may choose to have an existing heirloom remade for his intended bride. In that case, such engagement rings will often have stones such as opals and rubies that were more common in the last century.

An Engraving

Some couples want a very special ring that is theirs and theirs alone. Having the ring engraved is a great way to create something entirely unique. A jeweler can engrave special messages inside of the ring or even on the exterior. Many couples love the idea of having their names and the date of their engagement on the exterior or even a quote from a romantic poem they both love.

Buying the Ring

In many cases, a man will buy a ring in order to propose to his wife. He might want to consider carefully noting what his bride-to-be likes about the jewelry she wears. Asking a relative is often a good idea as a mother or sister can help the man determine the right ring for her. Many men even bring a relative along with them to help them pick out the ideal ring before they propose.