3 Tips for Wearing Overalls this spring

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Overalls are certainly in fashion at the moment, but most of us wouldn’t dream of wearing them for fear they just wouldn’t look good or we wouldn’t be able to ‘pull them off’. However, with a touch of confidence and a few tips, you can rock a pair of overalls to your next spring event and make sure everyone is looking at you for all the right reasons.

  1. Think of them as normal jeans

Overalls are essentially just jeans with a an additional section to them, so just thinking of them as jeans can help you decide what to wear with them and pull them off more effectively. Wear them a nice coat and shirt underneath and a pair of low-heeled kitten pumps and you’ll be looking stylish and comfortable in no time.

  1. Remember the shirt underneath

Your choice of shirt is crucial to how the overall outfit looks when it comes to overalls, so pay attention to what you’re putting on underneath. A simple white button-down shirt will always work well with denim overalls, but if you’re feeling a little braver you can easily pull of a patterned shirt or brighter colour. Experiment with a few options at home until you find the look that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

  1. Embrace the style

Overalls can give off something of a 70s vibe, but one way to pull them off is to embrace this and really dive into the look. Wear a stylish headband, rounded Oliver Peoples glasses – ideally with coloured lenses – a pair of lemonade shoes and a coloured shirt with puffy sleeves. You can’t really overdo it here and wearing this ensemble with pride and confidence can really help you pull of the overalls look.